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Assisted Living Abuse and Neglect Injuries

Our attorneys protect vulnerable Pittsburgh seniors in personal care facilities

Older adults are vulnerable to injuries. That’s one reason why personal care facilities have such a crucial job. Unfortunately, with instances of abuse and neglect within assisted living facilities, residents may be more vulnerable to injuries and harm.

The assisted living abuse and neglect attorneys at Hal Waldman & Associates know that the elderly need more care than anyone. We work hard to make sure your loved one’s rights are protected. If you believe your loved one is a victim of abuse or neglect, contact us today.


If your loved one gets bumped or hit against something, bruises may appear on the skin. Sometimes, they may accidentally bump into furniture or walls, especially if they have problems with balance and coordination. Bruises can also occur if they are not treated gently or grabbed too hard.

If you notice someone has bruises and you're unsure how they got them, it's a good idea to ask them if they're okay and remember how it happened.


Cuts can indicate that a resident needs more help with specific activities such as shaving or meals. They may also be a sign of physical abuse.

Broken bones or fractures

Elder adults have weaker bones due to age or health conditions like osteoporosis, so their bones can break more easily. Broken bones or fractures can happen if someone falls or is physically abused.

Head injuries

Head injuries can happen in assisted living facilities if someone slips, falls, and hits their head. Falls might occur if someone is not steady on their feet, if they trip over something, or if they lose their balance. Head injuries can lead to issues like concussions or even more serious problems, so it's important to be cautious.


If proper hygiene and care are neglected, infections can grow and spread. When residents need help caring for themselves or their surroundings and those needs are neglected, germs can spread and cause infections. If left untreated, sepsis, a life-threatening condition, can develop.

We stand up against liable assisted living facilities

Your loved one’s vulnerability demands attention and action. Hal Waldman & Associates is here to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. If you suspect your loved one has suffered an injury from abuse or neglect in a personal care facility (assisted living) in Western Pennsylvania, don't hesitate to reach out. Contact us today for a free and confidential consultation.

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