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"My husband was in a car accident back in March of this year. First let me start off, he is ok he still in some pain at times but he is back too work. I was calling around to find attorney I must of called about a dozen or more until I called Waldman & Associates. I spoke to them and told them about our dilemma and she was very kind and comforting to our situation. The first few words that she said to me made me realize that this is who I want to represent us. Waldman & Associates did so much for us and she lived up to all her words and plus some. I highly recommend Waldman & Associates for your attorney needs. Again, thank you for everything."
Jamie (2019)
“I would like to thank Hal K. Waldman & Associates for their assistance and services with my case. More importantly I want to thank them for everything she did for me and my family. Looking at my case, having numerous discussions with me, advising me on how the court process works and putting my mind at ease. I am extremely grateful for her taking the time to meet with me and my family. Thank you for being a symbol of light when I was surrounded by darkness. Hal K. Waldman & Associates is a 5 star asset company with some of the best in the business. Thank you."
James (2018)
“I and my family have come to difficult paths in our lifetime and called upon Hal Waldman and Associates. The professionalism given to us was more than I could ask for. They care about their clients and go the extra miles needed to prove it. Thank you for the services you have provided to us.”
2018 Client
"I could not have asked for a better legal team working on my behalf. I hired Waldman and Associates to handle my collision claim and received a settlement that was actually ten times what the insurance company offered me when I was dealing with them directly. Attorney Thomas Berret answered all of my questions and went above and beyond to make sure I received the highest settlement possible."
Client (2017)
"We are very satisfied with the job Hal did with our medical malpractice case. He is very kind and we never felt like he was talking down to us. He and Tom kept us informed about our case every step of the way. We highly recommend his work."
debra • posted from avvo
"When someone said "bring me the best" I was lucky enough to find you. Thank You for your superb, excellent, extraordinary and unbelievable help and assistance on my case(s). You have been able with your excellent expertise and knowledge and solid determination and inventive bring these case(s) to a successful conclusion. I simply do not believe any other firm would have been able to accomplish this feat. Thank you so very much."
past client
"From the moment we called Hal Waldman, I knew we were in the right hands. He came to our home to meet and spent a lot of time explaining legal process and what to expect with our case. We were amazed how quickly our case was resolved for amount that far exceeded our expectation. The personal touches and personal service of Waldman & Associates did not go unnoticed. I would highly recommend this firm and am grateful for their help!"
past client • posted from avvo