Truck accident near Pittsburgh: mother dead, child injured

truck accident on the road

A fatal truck accident in Penn Hills outside of Pittsburgh on May 12 is apparently still under investigation at the time of this post. According to police, a 50-year-old man was driving a tow truck which was owned by a local repair shop when he crashed into a car. This tragic truck accident left a 45-year-old mother who was driving the car dead and her 9-year-old son in critical condition at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.

According to authorities, the man driving the tow truck was not licensed and was impaired at the time. Further details have not been released about the driver of the tow truck or the nature of his condition. Meanwhile, police are seeking the owner of the tow truck who may be held partially responsible for the truck accident if it is determined that the owner negligently allowed an unlicensed driver to use of the truck. It has not been stated whether criminal charges will be filed against the driver or owner, or what action police may take as far as citations are concerned.

Losing a loved one in such a tragic accident takes a toll on any family. Family members will often run the entire gamut of emotions including anger, hurt and sadness. As for the injured child, he will suffer through the pain of physical recovery and the pain of losing his mother; a sad situation that no young child should have to face.

The family of the victims in this tragic Pittsburgh truck accident may be able to file a wrongful death suit against the driver and/or owner of the truck based on the claims of negligent conduct that caused or contributed to the fatality. It is unclear at this time what actions will be taken.

In cases such as this, the loss of life of a mother and the trauma sustained by the child passenger may allow for compensation for medical expenses, recovery time, and the ongoing care of the child that may be required. If negligence is established, the victims’ family may achieve some sense of closure as well as monetary reimbursement for the considerable damages they have suffered.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, “Police seeking owner of tow truck in fatal Penn Hills accident,” ( May 14, 2012