Teen Girls Seriously Injured in Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Crash

you daughter and son is in car crash accident

It is every parent’s worst nightmare -getting a call from the police that your son or daughter has been taken to the hospital after a car crash. Unfortunately, that is likely the type of scenario that played out last Tuesday when two 16-year-old girls were seriously injured in a car accident in Unity Township.

Around 8:00 pm the girls’ car crashed head-on into a pickup truck on Donahue Road. The force of the crash caused the pickup to go over an embankment and trapped the girls inside their vehicle.

Lloydsville firefighters had to pull the victims out of their vehicles. The teens were flown to the hospital in critical condition. The pickup driver was also injured.

Those who live along the Donahue Road partially blame dangerous road conditions for the tragic accident, saying the roadway is almost a “death trap”. They say motorists going too fast for the blind curve frequently crash into the tree line or guardrail because of the lack of space along the side of the roadway.

Dangerous road conditions can be a huge problem for Pennsylvania drivers. Examples of such conditions include: defective guardrails, faulty signage, lack of shoulders, and poor traffic engineering and roadway design.

People who are injured in a motor vehicle accident because of dangerous road conditions or another driver’s speeding or other negligence are entitled to seek compensation for their injuries. Such damages include hospital expenses, property damage, lost earnings, pain and suffering and potentially punitive damages.

Source: Violent Crash Traps Teen Girls In Car, Angers Neighbors https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFf2E-8qngo