Protect Yourself and Your Family with the Right Motorcycle Insurance

Man riding a motorcycle at night

Pennsylvania is among the top states with the most registered motorcycle riders, so it’s not uncommon to see motorcyclists on rural and city streets across the state, joy-riding as recreation and using motorcycles as primary vehicles. Unfortunately, despite their continuous popularity, motorcycle crashes and fatalities increase year after year.

Motorcycle accidents are some of the most difficult personal injury and accident cases we handle at Hal Waldman & Associates, because they often involve serious and permanent injuries, and have long-lasting consequences. Typically, motorcycle riders have less protections than standard automobile drivers, meaning not only are riders and their families emotionally devastated by tragic accidents—they can be financially devastated as well. As a rider, it’s important that you know your options, evaluate your current coverage, and purchase the right type of insurance or add-ons right away to protect yourself and your family.

Unlike standard automobile insurance, insurance companies are not required to provide medical benefits coverage on motorcycle policies—but most times you can, and should, purchase additional medical benefits coverage. When a serious motorcycle accident happens, medical bills can skyrocket. Sometimes your personal health insurance plan may pay the medical bills resulting from your accident but may also seek to recover expenses that have been paid out from any settlement you obtain. By purchasing add-on medical benefits coverage, you can save yourself and your family from expensive medical bills and ensuing medical debt, and ensure you keep as much of your settlement as possible.

You also can’t control whether the person who causes your accident has inadequate insurance or no insurance at all, so consider buying Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage. This type of coverage will protect you if you are injured in an accident by someone who has zero or inadequate insurance.

Because motorcycle accidents tend to involve serious or permanent injuries, we often find that the wrongdoer’s liability insurance is insufficient to fairly compensate our clients. Underinsured Motorist Coverage allows you to seek a recovery from your own policy in addition to the wrongdoer’s insurance. As for Uninsured Motorist Coverage, when the person who caused your accident has no insurance, you can make an injury claim to your own company.

Above all, make sure that you fully educate yourself about the types of coverage available when you are buying motorcycle insurance. Protect yourself from irresponsible drivers.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident and need information or have questions about your insurance coverage and rights, contact one of the experienced personal injury attorneys at Hal Waldman & Associates for a free consultation, today.