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Drilling for fuel in Marcellus and Utica shale is dangerous, often causing explosions or other accidents that lead to the serious work site injury and death of drill site workers. However, these workers are not the only oil company employees in danger of being harmed by negligent or irresponsible behavior of the oil companies and other related parties. Water and diesel truck drivers are also at risk.

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Erie Diesel Fuel Truck Accident Attorneys

We represent people who have been seriously injured in water and diesel tri-axle truck accidents that may have been caused by any number of factors, including:

Serious injuries suffered in these accidents often include:

We will aggressively protect your rights and best interests while seeking full recovery on your behalf in workers’ compensation and potential third-party personal injury claims. Our Pittsburgh water truck accident attorneys can also assist with filing a wrongful death case when you have lost a loved one in this manner. We are on your side.

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As part of building a strong personal injury case to recover maximum compensation, we will investigate all of the factors leading to and causing a water truck accident, including identification of all of the responsible parties.

After each negligent or otherwise responsible party is identified, our Pittsburgh water truck accident attorneys will aggressively defend the rights of drivers and their families against gas drilling companies, subcontractors, other negligent third parties and their insurance carriers.

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