Pittsburgh Utica Shale Drilling Accident Attorney

Every year, Philadelphia workers are severely injured or killed while extracting gas in the Utica shale. When you or your family members have suffered these types of injuries, you need an experienced, trustworthy lawyer to make sure that your rights and best interests are protected in the pursuit of compensation.

At Hal Waldman and Associates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we are dedicated to receiving maximum recovery for the victims of gas well injury explosions in the Utica shale and the surrounding work sites. Call or e-mail our office to schedule a free consultation with a Pittsburgh Utica shale drilling accident lawyer.

Pennsylvania Gas Drilling Injury Lawyers

Gas well and pipeline explosions, structural collapse, or fires caused by malfunction or misused equipment, inadequate preparation or negligence on the drilling rig in the Utica or Marcellus shale are, unfortunately, not uncommon.

Crucial to full recovery for the serious burn and explosion injuries, amputation or electrical burns suffered in these accidents is the assistance of aggressive attorneys who are experienced with the investigation and preparation of these specific kinds of claims, which involves the identification of all responsible parties.

In many cases, recoverable damages arising from these accidents include:

In the course of building the most strategically sound workers’ compensation and possibly third-party personal injury cases on your behalf, our Pittsburgh Utica shale drilling accident lawyers will collaborate with medical and other professional experts when appropriate, in order to recover maximum compensation.

Experienced, Trusted, Erie, Pennsylvania, Lawyers Representing Workers Injured While Drilling for Utica Shale · Free Case Evaluation

In many cases of drilling work site injuries, more than one party or entity is at fault. If your employer was at fault, you are eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim. You may also have a personal injury claim against negligent third parties.

Our Pennsylvania gas drilling injury attorneys will identify all of the responsible parties, aggressively defending the rights of workers and other employees and their families against gas drilling companies and subcontractors, as well as their insurance carriers, whose job is to minimize the effects of your injuries.

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We also advise or take referral cases from other personal injury attorneys that have not previously handled Utica shale drilling accident cases.