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When a child sustains a serious injury, the situation demands unique considerations that differ from those involving adults. Injuries like bone fractures, dog bites, or burns can profoundly affect a child's physical and emotional development, leading to unforeseen medical needs over a lifetime.

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How do child injuries happen?

Car accidents

Children can get hurt in all types of car accidents. They may be injured as a passenger in a car or hit by a car while walking or riding a bike. Due to their vulnerable, still-developing bodies, children are at risk of severe injuries like broken bones and concussions.

Swimming pool accidents

In pools or lakes, a child can get seriously injured and, in the worst-case scenario, drown. Sometimes, the victim wasn’t swimming but simply fell into the water.

Dog bites

Children may be playing outside or visiting a friend, relative, or neighbor when a dog attacks them. Dog attacks can happen to anyone, but because children are so small, dog bites can seriously harm them. In severe cases, the child can face permanent injuries.

Accidents at school or daycare

When kids are at school or daycare, they are supposed to be safe under the watchful eye of staff members. Unfortunately, a child can get hurt when daycare facilities don’t do their jobs. They can slip and fall while on the playground or at recess. In the colder months, children can easily slip on icy sidewalks and parking lots.

How does a child injury claim work?

Children cannot take legal action on their own behalf. So, a child’s personal injury claim must be filed by an adult, either a parent or legal guardian.

The deadlines for personal injury claims involving children can also differ, depending on the applicable laws. Moreover, calculating a child’s damages can be more complicated because the settlement or verdict should consider the long-term effects on the child’s development, education, and future.

What are the consequences of child injuries?

Injuries to children can cause more than just physical pain. They can affect growth, development, self-confidence, and education. Disfiguring and disabling injuries can change a child’s life trajectory.

When negotiating compensation, your attorney will consider how the injury affects the child, not just the physical injuries and medical bills. Our goal is to negotiate a settlement or win a jury verdict that truly compensates for all the losses your child has endured.

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An injury to a child can be distressing for you and your family. As a parent, you would never put your child in harm’s way, but sometimes, there is nothing you can do to keep them safe. If your child has experienced a severe injury, know that the child injury attorneys at Hal Waldman & Associates are here to support you.

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