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Truck tires are designed to withstand heavy duty, but time and friction take their toll. When over-the-road trucking companies try to get every last millimeter of rubber out of the tires, the results can be disastrous for other drivers who share the road.

The Pittsburgh area trucking accident attorneys of Hal Waldman and Associates have handled every truck accident scenario, including crashes directly or indirectly caused by tire blowout on 18-wheelers. We can establish that link to obtain maximum compensation if a loved one was injured or killed.

Your truck accident case matters to us. We care. We are on your side. Call or e-mail our Pittsburgh law office immediately if you suspect worn truck tires caused your car accident.

Did Tire Blowout Lead to Your Tractor-Trailer Accident?

We have years of experience and notable results in truck crash litigation across Pennsylvania. Our knowledge of trucking industry practices, coupled with our ability to hire professional truck accident investigators, enables us to reconstruct what happened:

We work to have the truck and the shreds of blown tires examined by our experts, and we obtain maintenance records, driver logs and other evidence pointing to bald or defective tires. Was the tire beyond its recommended mileage? Does it show obvious signs of wear? Are other tires on the truck in bad shape, too? Had the driver noted tire wear or complained to supervisors? When was the last inspection? Are there any known recalls or defects with that brand and model of tire?

Once we identify tire blowout and perhaps other neglected maintenance, we aggressively pursue full compensation for severe injuries or a family member’s wrongful death and hold trucking companies or tire manufacturers accountable.

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