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Sometimes swimming pool accidents are just that — unfortunate accidents that result in serious injury or a drowning death.

However, there are circumstances where swimming pool accidents are caused by careless or reckless behavior of other people. In such cases, the injured person or the family of a drowning victims may be able to recover compensation in a claim against the responsible party’s insurance policy or through a formal personal injury lawsuit.

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Swimming Pool Accidents Caused by Negligence

Swimming pools are called “attractive nuisances” in premises liability law. This means that our law has defined swimming pools as especially alluring, particularly to children and teenagers. Any owner of an attractive nuisance like a swimming pool must take special steps to prevent injury or wrongful death.

It may be possible to hold homeowners or private clubs legally responsible for swimming pool accidents when:

Sometimes, a part of the pool mechanism can be defective, unreasonably dangerous, or malfunction, causing injury or drowning. In such situations, a personal injury or wrongful death claim could be made against the manufacturer of the pool or the part.

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