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The simplest surgery can go awry. Even the most practiced surgeons make mistakes. There are risks to any surgical procedure, but sometimes a death or adverse outcome is directly attributable to negligence of the surgeon, anesthesiologist or nurses.

If you are convinced that preventable errors caused injury or death, or if you are skeptical of the hospital’s explanation, trust your instincts. The experienced medical malpractice lawyers of Hal Waldman and Associates can determine if you have grounds for surgical malpractice claims.

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Medical Malpractice in Surgery and Recovery

You have no choice but to trust the surgeon and surgical staff with your body and your life. Some adverse outcomes are honest errors or the result of unforeseen circumstances once the surgery begins. But some errors are not forgivable, especially when medical professionals deviated from standard procedures and safety protocols.

Hal Waldman and Associates can investigate any surgical error resulting in lasting harm or fatality:

Committed to Holding Surgeons and Hospitals Accountable

Surgical malpractice cases are difficult to win. They often come down to a battle of experts. We have the resources to hire surgical specialists and nurse consultants who can review the medical records and attest that the surgical team did not adhere to accepted medical standards and the hospital’s own checkdowns and procedures.

Our attorneys work with many professionals to demonstrate the extent of harm and the future needs of our clients: additional corrective surgery, lost earnings, permanent disability, reduced life expectancy, pain and suffering, and lost enjoyment of life.

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