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Medical Malpractice and Failure to Identify Stroke

Victims of strokes can suffer severe injury, including paralysis, brain damage and, in the worst cases, death. In many cases, these consequences can be prevented with immediate and responsive treatment. At Hal Waldman & Associates, our Pittsburg stroke misdiagnosis lawyers are experienced in the investigation of cases involving severe injury arising from medical malpractice and negligence. We will provide a thorough evaluation of your case, investigate your claim and aggressively pursue your rights to justice and recovery.

Stroke Prevention

A stroke occurs when a blood clot blocks an artery or blood vessel in the brain, interrupting the blood flow to a certain area. During a stroke, brain cells in the immediate area can be destroyed and can release chemicals that kill surrounding areas of the brain. Critically, there is a window for intervention treatment that can prevent the serious, even fatal consequences of a stroke. Our Pittsburgh stroke misdiagnosis attorney will investigate your case to determine whether injury was caused by medical negligence.

Our stroke misdiagnosis lawyers are experienced with cases involving:

Treatment of Strokes and Medical Negligence

Treatment of a stroke may include the use of drugs to re-establish cerebral circulation or to minimize the release of chemicals that can destroy brain cells. Doctors can use diagnostic imaging devices such as MRI or CT scans to diagnose strokes and administer treatment as soon as possible. Our attorneys work with top medical experts who can evaluate the facts and medical documentation and build your case against negligent medical professionals. We understand the challenges our clients face and will take every necessary step to ensure swift recovery and compensation in your case.

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