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Many spinal cord injuries normally result in some degree of paralysis. Lesser back injuries like herniated disks may not paralyze a victim, but may cause chronic, debilitating pain. A spinal cord injury victim may be unable to work again or may be forced to retrain for a different line of work that will be less physically demanding or that can be done from a wheelchair.

After a Serious Injury, Evaluate the Impact

Contact an experienced Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer to schedule a free initial consultation after any type of accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury and partial or total paralysis, such as the following:

A spinal cord injury can quickly lead from emergency medical assessment and treatment to rehabilitation which may take months or years. An insurer is likely to urge an injured person to settle soon after the accident. In many cases, a settlement reached too soon will not take into account all aspects of the losses and injuries, particularly if complications occur weeks or months after the initial injury.

Prompt involvement and zealous advocacy by an experienced lawyer can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case after a spinal cord injury.

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