Pittsburgh Pulmonary Embolism Misdiagnosis Lawyer

Failure to Diagnose and Medical Malpractice

A pulmonary embolism is the result of a blood clot that travels from an artery to the brain, causing damage or, in the worst cases, death. If you or someone you love has suffered a pulmonary embolism or you have lost a loved one to a pulmonary embolism, it is important to have an experienced attorney review the facts of your case. At Hal Waldman & Associates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our experienced medical malpractice lawyers have extensive experience taking on complex cases involving pulmonary embolisms and blood clots.

Medical Background and Misdiagnosis

When patients suffer symptoms of a pulmonary embolism or blood clot, standards of care require that a doctor inquire whether the patient was on a long plane ride or is otherwise at risk. Failure to perform proper inquiries could result in delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis. Our experienced legal team will pursue immediate action to determine whether doctor negligence or misdiagnosis was responsible for your injury or loss. Our lawyers work with medical experts competent in building a case against negligent doctors, hospitals or other professionals.

Our Pittsburgh pulmonary embolism misdiagnosis attorneys are experienced in cases involving:

Representing the Victims and Families of Misdiagnosis

Many of our clients are the families of victims who have passed away after a pulmonary embolism. We understand the difficulties and challenges you face and will take a compassionate, personal approach to uncover the answers you deserve. If you lost a loved one to a pulmonary embolism, we will initiate an immediate investigation and work tirelessly to hold all responsible parties accountable and to help your family recover the compensation you deserve.

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