Pittsburgh Product Liability Attorney

Defective products injure and kill thousands of people every year. In some cases, defects are brought to wider consumer attention through recalls, but not all defective products are removed from shelves and showrooms. Even when they are, products that have caused personal injury demand swift and aggressive legal action. With over 50 years of combined experience, the Pittsburgh product liability attorneys at Hal Waldman & Associates are prepared to take immediate action on your behalf and to help you secure full compensation for your damages.

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How to Choose a Product Liability Lawyer

Product liability cases are seldom as black and white as they appear. This is one of the main reasons you want an experienced lawyer on your side as soon as injury occurs. Depending on the cause of your injury, parties that may be held liable in these cases include:

In rare cases, government entities may also be liable for damages in a product liability lawsuit.

All potentially liable parties will have insurance companies and lawyers working to minimize any settlement you may receive following injury from a defective product. You deserve a law firm on your side that will fight tirelessly and take your case as far as needed to see that you are not taken advantage of, but are instead awarded every penny you are due.

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