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Across the Eastern Seaboard, millions of people depend on mass transit every day. Most days are uneventful, and trains and buses arrive on time without incident. However, when mass transit accidents do strike, the potential for widespread catastrophic injury is high. The complex interconnected network of mass transit providers and municipal statutes can make the aftermath of a mass transit accident incredibly difficult to navigate.

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What to do after a Public Mass Transit Accident

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) operates an extensive network of public transportation in Pittsburgh and across the state, including subways, buses, trolleys, and trains. While incidents are rare, when they do happen, the consequences are often devastating.

In the aftermath of a mass transit accident like the April 2016 derailment of an Amtrak commuter train in Chester, or the May 2015 derailment in Philadelphia, serious personal injuries and deaths are all too common. The scene can be chaotic and confusing, because of the high number of passengers. As soon as possible, take notes on everything you can remember about the events, including where you were sitting and anything you witnessed.

While some mass transit accidents are handled by municipal police, like in the case of city buses or trolleys, others may be investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board, like in the railway disasters above. In either situation, provide as much information as possible to the investigating authorities.

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The most important step you can take if you have been hurt in one of these devastating wrecks is to seek the advice of an experienced Pittsburgh mass transit accident attorney. Victims of mass transit accidents are entitled to pursue compensation for their injuries or losses following a crash. You may be entitled to damages for hospitalization, medical bills, lost wages, lost future earnings, property loss, or pain and suffering.

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