Pittsburgh Labor and Delivery Negligence Lawyer

Injury to Infants During Delivery and Doctor Negligence

After taking the utmost care throughout the prenatal period of your pregnancy, it can be devastating when your infant is injured because of negligent labor and delivery. Injuries can range from shoulder dystocia to brain injury to permanent disability, even death to a newborn or mother. At Hal Waldman and Associates, we are experienced in representing clients and their families who have been affected by doctor negligence and medical malpractice.

Establishing Liability for Birth Injury

When you enter an emergency room or hospital setting, you expect that doctors will follow certain standards of care to ensure your safety and the well-being of your unborn baby. All medical professionals must follow these levels of care or they can be held liable for any injury or death caused by negligence. Our birth trauma lawyers have extensive experience handling a range of cases involving complex lawsuits against medical practitioners, obstetricians, hospitals and other medical professionals responsible for birth injuries.

Our Pittsburgh labor and delivery negligence attorneys are experienced with cases involving:

Skilled and Experienced Representation

It takes experience and a depth of knowledge to be able to evaluate the work of medical professionals. We will begin an immediate investigation to collect relevant evidence and build a case on your behalf. We understand the difficulties and challenges faced by our clients and will take every necessary step to protect your rights and recover just compensation.

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