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Both medically and legally speaking, a serious injury to a child differs in many ways from a similar injury to an adult. A child’s physical and emotional development may be seriously impacted by a bone fracture, a dog bite or a burn injury. It can be challenging for medical professionals to forecast the full extent of medical treatment, plastic surgery and therapy that the victim will need over a lifetime. The Pittsburgh child injury lawyers of Hal Waldman and Associates have the experience you need to get the help you deserve.

If Your Child Suffered an Accidental Injury, Talk to a Lawyer

Contact our law office to schedule a free initial case evaluation and consultation with an attorney. Discuss the expenses that you have now, and the likely effect on your child over a lifetime of any serious injury that may leave lasting disabilities or scarring. Any financial settlement should take into account all anticipated expenses, including the projected cost of future orthopedic shoes, wheelchairs, and other necessary adaptive equipment and medical aids.

Your child’s accidental injury matters to us. We care. We are on your side. Call or e-mail Hal Waldman and Associates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to schedule a free conversation with an attorney after your son or daughter has been bitten by a dog or hurt in an auto accident.

Prompt Intervention Can Make a Difference

The good news is that in some cases, early intervention can make a significant difference in the outcome of your child’s healing and coping over time. A doctor will want to closely monitor the outcome of a broken bone to make sure that growth plates were not injured in such a way as to stunt future growth.

Be Aware of Psychological Ramifications

When a child’s self-esteem is affected by peers’ teasing after a serious injury, psychological counseling may be necessary to help a young boy or girl adjust and develop through the growing-up process. This and other needs that your child faces must be taken into account as insurers, judges or juries determine financial awards.

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