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Pennsylvania Dangerous Equipment Injury Lawyers

If you were seriously injured while working on or around machinery, you are entitled to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits. Above and beyond workers’ comp, you might have a lawsuit for damages against a company that manufactured or serviced the equipment.

The workplace injury attorneys of Hal Waldman and Associates have successfully sued manufacturers for defective machinery resulting in loss of limb and other serious or permanent injuries. We can also handle your workers’ compensation claim to maximize your benefits and protect your rights.

Your work injury case matters to us. We care. We are on your side. Call or e-mail our Pittsburgh law firm to discuss potential lawsuits in a free conversation with an attorney.

Industrial and Construction Site Machinery Accidents

Hal Waldman and Associates has handled product liability lawsuits arising from workplace machinery and equipment that was unsafe:

We have won damages for losses associated with amputation (lost fingers, severed limbs), crush injuries, head injury, severe lacerations, broken bones, electric shock, burns and explosions, as well as wrongful death cases.

Hal Waldman and Associates can have the machine or equipment examined by our experts, who can attest to how the machine violated workplace safety standards: disabled or missing safety guards, pinch points, exposed electrical wires, lack of emergency cut-off switch (or cut-off beyond the worker’s reach), metal fatigue, loose bolts, etc. We have sued manufacturers for faulty design or assembly and third-party companies that created safety hazards when performing maintenance on the machinery.

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Serving Allegheny County and western Pennsylvania, we represent injured workers or families of workers who were killed. There are no upfront costs for us to investigate and pursue a product liability lawsuit. We get paid only if you recover compensation.

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