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When you get hurt at work, your first recourse is to make a workers’ compensation claim through your employer. The workers’ compensation system compensates employees for medical expenses and a portion of lost wages after an on-the-job industry.

However, if another company besides your own employer was partially or fully responsible for the accident, it also may be possible for you to file a private lawsuit.

Industrial Accidents Caused by Another Company or Subcontractor

Lawyers call these types of lawsuits third-party liability or tort claims. When another company is partly or fully to blame for the accident, the injured worker may be able to recover additional compensation โ€” for example, for pain and suffering and for complete replacement of lost wages.

Third-party lawsuits are relatively common after accidents at industrial plants, manufacturing facilities and construction sites โ€” where multiple companies may be working on one job site.

If you or family member has been seriously hurt on the job, we want to know about it. The attorneys at Hal Waldman and Associates will evaluate your case and let you know if you have legal options besides a workers’ comp claim.

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Time Is of the Essence for Thorough Investigation

Prompt investigation is crucial after industrial and manufacturing accidents. Otherwise, important evidence may be lost, as accident scenes are cleaned up and businesses return to their normal operations. Our attorneys move quickly to form a team of highly trained investigators who can analyze every aspect of an industrial accident until we uncover the truth of what happened.

Examples of Third-Party Claims After Industrial Accidents

Some examples of industrial accidents caused by someone besides the worker’s employer include:

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