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Hypoxia is a condition in which the infant suffers from a lack of oxygen flow to the brain. It occurs most commonly before and during labor. Hypoxia is usually caused by fetal distress, something that any adequate medical staff of doctors and nurses should be on the alert for and ready to take action to correct. However, when medical care providers are negligent in their actions, hypoxia can quickly result in a serious birth injury or defect.

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At Hal Waldman and Associates, we represent the parents and guardians of newborns who have suffered a birth injury due to hypoxia. Our goal is to seek justice for your family and to hold all negligent parties responsible. This may include the obstetricians, nurses and hospital administration that may have failed to provide you the adequate medical care that you and your infant should have been given.

Our team of Pittsburgh hypoxia birth injury attorneys is very experienced in hypoxia-related cases and has successfully represented many victims of medical malpractice throughout Pennsylvania. For more information and to talk to one of our lawyers in a free initial consultation, please call or e-mail our law firm.

Hypoxia and Birth Injuries

Many times hypoxia is caused by the umbilical cord being tangled around the infant in a way that causes the oxygen supply to be cut off from the brain. Other causes include a bacterial infection and placenta damage. However, every case is different, and we urge you to speak to us to help you reach out to the right medical experts to review your medical reports.

The most serious condition as a result of hypoxia is Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy or “HIE.” HIE leads to brain cells dying due to the lack of oxygen. The longer this occurs, the more potential there is for serious brain damage. This results in a serious loss of motor functions, cognitive abilities and skills. Unfortunately, damage caused by hypoxia is sometimes irreversible.

We will aggressively represent you and your family whether through settlement or trial to help you obtain the maximum compensation that you deserve.

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