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Hospitals are responsible for harm caused by the actions or inaction of their employees, from staff physicians and nurses to lab technicians, orderlies and cleaning crews. While hospitals certainly do far more good than harm, millions of Americans needlessly suffer injury, illness or death each year as a direct result of negligence in a hospital setting.

If you or a loved one suffered serious and lasting harm, Hal Waldman and Associates has the experience and resources to stand up for your just compensation. Our skilled lawyers have fought for and won damages in hospital malpractice cases across Pennsylvania.

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Experienced Representation in Hospital Malpractice Litigation

We have handled a wide range of hospital negligence, nursing negligence and medical malpractice claims against hospitals, including:

We Are Prepared to Do What It Takes to Win Your Compensation

Hospitals and their insurers will vigorously defend malpractice lawsuits. We have the resources and the commitment to our clients to hire the necessary experts and take cases all the way to a jury if necessary. We research prior lawsuits, complaints and code violations, the backgrounds of nurses and employees, hiring practices and staffing levels in building a case for liability.

In tandem with any medical malpractice lawsuits against independent doctors, we work to maximize compensation for a loved one’s wrongful death or for our client’s medical costs, future care requirements, lost earnings, lasting disability, and pain and suffering.

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