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Pennsylvania is unique in that our state contains gas exploration and drilling wells. One of the major ones is Marcellus Shale. The underground rock formation is massive and spreads throughout not just Pennsylvania but also Ohio, West Virginia and New York. Unfortunately, due to the pressure to gain more energy resources, and quickly, drilling measures have increased rapidly. However, this has created an increase in gas well leaks and explosions causing serious injuries and even deaths to workers and contractors.

At Hal Waldman and Associates, our Pittsburgh gas well injury attorneys have extensive experience representing injured victims and their families due to Marcellus Shale and other gas well accidents. We know how to protect your rights against insurance carriers and the attorneys representing the interests of drilling corporations. Our team of lawyers is dedicated to aggressively fighting for your rights and the compensation that you deserve. Negligence on the part of drilling companies against their employers and contractors that causes serious injury and even death should not go unanswered. We are here to make sure it happens and that your voice is heard.

Our gas well injury attorneys care and are on your side. Call or e-mail our Pittsburgh law office to schedule a free conversation with one of our attorneys who will listen to your story.

Marcellus Shale Drilling Gas Well Injury Attorneys

If you or your loved one was seriously injured or killed in a gas well-related accident or drilling accident, we will aggressively tackle all your legal options in order to seek full and fair compensation. Property owners and land owners of gas well sites as well as the employers, manufacturers of equipment and other third parties can be negligent for your injuries. Especially when companies are knowingly engaging in unsafe drilling practices. Workers and contractors are already exposed to environmental hazards and what is an already dangerous situation. When the negligence of gas and drilling companies is added to the mix, it is almost inevitable that serious injuries will result.

Gas well injuries to contractors and workers are often catastrophic and fatal. We can help you seek compensation for all types of gas well injuries including:

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Reach out to our law firm as soon as possible after a gas well injury. There are legal options to consider, and it is important to take action immediately. During a free, no-obligation case evaluation, we will listen to the circumstances of your gas well injury and inform you of your legal options. To make an appointment, call us at 412-338-1000 or send us an e-mail.