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Perhaps you and your family made it out alive, but suffered serious injuries. Perhaps a loved one perished in the blaze. Perhaps you escaped, but your house burned down. If the investigation reveals that someone’s negligence or a manufacturer’s faulty product caused the fire, our lawyers will fight to hold them accountable for your family’s injuries and losses.

The Pittsburgh personal injury attorneys of Hal Waldman and Associates have won damages for victims of severe burns and other fire injuries, and for fire loss damage to homes and property.
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Loved One Killed or Injured in a Fire? Home or Business Destroyed?

Hal Waldman and Associates has handled a range of fire-related lawsuits for injury, death or property loss. We work with fire investigation experts to trace the origin of the fire, such as:

We have won compensation for burn injuries, lung damage from smoke inhalation, brain damage from toxic fumes and injuries suffered in escaping a fire. We work with many professionals to establish liability and determine compensation for medical care, lost income, disability or disfigurement, and pain and suffering. We also fight for compensation to rebuild, replace, repair and clean your home, garage and vehicles and to replace property destroyed in the blaze.

Work-related fire injuries — We also represent people who were burned or injured in workplace fires or explosions. We pursue full workers’ compensation benefits and any third-party lawsuits.

The Insurance Companies Sometimes Don’t Care. We Do

We pursue compensation through your homeowners insurance and through legal action against the manufacturer of a dangerous product, a business or utility company, or an irresponsible neighbor. Fire loss insurers are notorious for blaming the insured or using any loophole to deny or limit compensation. We have experience in product liability litigation, insurance coverage litigation and lawsuits for negligence.

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We represent fire injury victims in western Pennsylvania and statewide. Our lawyers are committed to fighting for the compensation you deserve.

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