Pittsburgh Failure to Diagnose Lawyer

Pittsburgh Failure to Diagnose Lawyer

Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Attorney

“What if the doctor had caught it earlier?”

It is one of life’s biggest and most heart-wrenching of the “what if” questions. It is a question that gets asked again and again by people living with serious or terminal illnesses, and by family members of those who have died unexpectedly of a serious illness.

Honest mistakes are made in the health care profession, just as in any profession. Unfortunately, doctor sometimes fail to diagnose serious illnesses due to inexcusable inattention or inexperience. Sometimes, an emergency room physician or nurse fails to diagnose a major medical event such as a heart attack or stroke despite obvious warning signs.

Pittsburgh Medical Malpractice Attorneys With Decades of Experience

When patients or family members suspect medical malpractice based on a doctor’s failure to diagnose a serious medical condition, we at Hal Waldman and Associates want to know about it. Not only do our attorneys have extensive experience with medical malpractice claims, but we also have the resources and skill to take on complex and costly cases such as these on a contingency-fee basis.

Your failure to diagnose claim matters to us. We care. We are on your side. Call or e-mail Hal Waldman and Associates in Pittsburgh to schedule a free conversation with a lawyer about your claim.

We have worked with patients and families on cases in which a doctor’s failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis created irreversible and avoidable harm such as:

No Settlement Amount Is Enough in a Failure to Diagnose Case

We know from working with patients and their families that no amount of money is ever enough to compensate for a doctor’s error that irreversibly changed the course of a person’s life. We will, however, fight fiercely for a just settlement that provides some financial security for you and your family.

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