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The fact that people come to the emergency room with critical injuries and acute conditions does not excuse doctors and nurses for errors. In fact, the wrong decision can do more harm than good. There are accepted standards for emergency room care, and Hal Waldman and Associates holds hospitals and medical professionals to them.

If a loved one was turned away from the ER, received substandard emergency care or suffered lasting harm or death from unforgivable mistakes, our experienced attorneys can explore your medical malpractice and hospital negligence claims.

Your emergency room malpractice case matters to us. We care. We are on your side. Call or e-mail Hal Waldman and Associates in Pittsburgh to schedule a free conversation. We handle medical negligence lawsuits throughout Pennsylvania.

Experienced Representation for Emergency Room Errors

ER doctors and nurses are not expected to save every life or diagnose every unusual malady. They do have a duty to treat all patients in a reasonable time frame, follow through on patient complaints and recognize signs of serious conditions.

Hal Waldman and Associates has held hospitals and emergency room physicians accountable for:

We Are Prepared to Do What It Takes to Win Your Compensation

We have the resources to hire experts in emergency medicine and hospital administration who can attest that the ER staff deviated from accepted medical standards or that the hospital was not adequately staffed or equipped. We take cases to trial when hospitals and their insurance companies deny liability or refuse a fair and reasonable settlement.

We work to maximize compensation for a loved one’s untimely death or to maximize compensation for medical intervention, ongoing care, lost income, permanent disability, and pain and emotional suffering.

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