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Drilling for natural resources embedded in Utica and Marcellus shale is a crucial component of Philadelphia’s economy. Unfortunately, accidents occurring during the extraction process have caused severe injury and fatalities to workers. An important part of recovering compensation for these injuries is seeking the help of attorneys experienced in handling these specific types of work injury cases.

The legal team at Hal Waldman and Associates is dedicated to helping workers injured in the Utica shale to maximize recovery. Call or e-mail our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, office to schedule a free conversation with a Pittsburgh drilling accident attorney.

Pennsylvania Drilling Explosion Accident Attorneys

We have seen firsthand the variety of serious injuries caused in gas explosions and other work site injuries, including explosion and burn injuries, electrocution, blunt trauma injury, crush injuries and spontaneous amputation. We represent the victims of these injuries, caused by negligence on and around drilling work sites that leads to:

Our goal is to obtain a full recovery on your behalf. We are on your side. We also advise or take referral cases from other personal injury attorneys who have not previously handled drilling accident cases.

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In many cases of drilling work site injuries, more than one party or entity is at fault. If your employer was at fault, you are eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim. You may also have a personal injury claim against negligent third parties.

Our Pittsburgh drilling accident attorneys will identify all of the responsible parties, aggressively defending the rights of workers and other employees and their families against gas drilling companies and subcontractors, as well as their insurance carriers, whose job is to minimize the effects of your injuries.

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