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Almost without exception, we rely upon the expertise of the health care industry to diagnose our medical problems and provide the appropriate treatment. The vast majority of us take prescription medications without questioning our doctors’ orders, and we submit to medical procedures on the assumption they are reasonably safe. The Pittsburgh dangerous prescription drugs attorneys at Hal Waldman and Associates can help.

Can prescription drugs ever be dangerous? Are medical devices ever defective? The sad and frightening answer is, yes they can be.

Dangerous prescription drugs do sometimes get onto the market, despite the testing and approval process required by the Food and Drug Administration. The same is true with medical devices and implants.

After an injury or death caused by dangerous prescription drugs or medical devices, your legal rights matter to us. We care. We are on your side. Call or e-mail Hal Waldman and Associates in Pittsburgh to schedule a free conversation with a lawyer.

Sometimes, the dangerous consequences of prescription drugs are not known until many years after their introduction. Other times, pharmaceutical companies cut consumer safety measures in order to maximize profits. With medical devices, the design may be flawed or a manufacturing error may result in defects that appear in some products but not others.

When patients are harmed or killed by dangerous prescription drugs or defective medical devices, legal action may be appropriate. The patient or surviving family members may be able to bring a products liability lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company or medical device corporation.

Products liability cases — especially those claiming that certain prescription drugs are dangerous — are complex, time consuming, and often expensive. Hal Waldman and Associates is a well-known law firm that represents injured people throughout Pennsylvania in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. We have extensive experience in litigation against the manufacturers of dangerous drugs, and we have the resources necessary to sustain lengthy litigation against giant pharmaceutical companies.

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