Pittsburgh Construction Accidents Lawyers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that construction sites are among the most dangerous places to work in the United States. Of course, this comes as no surprise to people employed in the building trades. What may come as a surprise is that workers injured on construction sites are not always covered by workers’ compensation. In fact, many construction workers in Western Pennsylvania do not have any coverage for injuries sustained on the job. This is why victims of construction accidents need an aggressive Pittsburgh construction accident attorney on their side to make sure they are not cheated out of the true compensation they are owed.

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Personal Injury vs. Workers’ Comp

While Pennsylvania has some of the nation’s most progressive workers’ compensation laws, contract employees are still not covered. If you are considered a contract employee, even a catastrophic injury will not entitle you to the benefits offered by this no-fault insurance program. This can, however, work in your favor.

Workers’ comp benefits are clearly outlined and do not provide compensation for many of the damages associated with serious injury. By contrast, personal injury lawsuits allow victims of construction accidents to seek damages for:

The only way to get the maximum compensation allowed by law for these damages is through legal action taken by a dedicated Pittsburgh construction injury lawyer. Even if you are entitled to workers’ compensation, it is best to speak with a lawyer before filing your claim to make sure you are taking all of the steps necessary to protect your and your family’s best interests.

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