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Heart Conditions and Medical Malpractice

Symptoms of heart disease can vary and be caused by other conditions, but failure to diagnose a heart problem can have serious, life-threatening consequences. Many heart attacks and heart conditions can be prevented upon early diagnosis. When medical professionals are negligent and a condition goes untreated, victims may suffer serious and permanent injury, even wrongful death. At Hal Waldman and Associates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our attorneys are experienced with complex medical cases in involving cardiology malpractice.

Symptoms of Heart Disease and Misdiagnosis

Symptoms of heart disease include heaviness, pressure, burning or aching in the chest. Other symptoms of heart disease may include shortness of breath, palpitations, a faster heartbeat, weakness or dizziness, nausea and sweating. These symptoms are often mistaken for indigestion or heartburn. When you enter the emergency room or visit a doctor regarding serious symptoms, it is standard medical practice to ensure that your condition is not more serious. Our firm is experienced in the investigation of malpractice claims involving serious injury or wrongful death caused by failure to diagnose heart conditions or heart disease.

Our Pittsburgh cardiology malpractice attorneys handle cases involving:

Complex Cardiology Malpractice Claims

Most claims involving heart conditions are complex and require both a legal and medical examination. Our lawyers work with top experts in the field to determine whether there was negligence in your case. We will review medical documentation, medical history, witness statements and expert opinion to build your case of malpractice against negligent doctors, nurses, hospitals or other medical professionals, including cardiologists. We have the experience necessary to handle your case, and our attorneys are prepared to take any case to trial when necessary.

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