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Pennsylvania Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer

Would you be cancer-free today, or would your loved one still be alive, had the breast cancer been diagnosed sooner? It’s impossible to prove the outcome would have been different with earlier detection. The gist of a medical malpractice lawsuit for failure to diagnose breast cancer is that the patient was deprived of that chance, that hope, because the doctors messed up.

If you believe that medical professionals could have and should have diagnosed breast cancer at an earlier stage, the attorneys of Hal Waldman and Associates would like to hear from you. Our Pittsburgh legal team has extensive experience in medical negligence litigation throughout Pennsylvania.

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A Missed Opportunity to Treat a Curable Cancer

More than 200,000 cases of invasive breast cancer are diagnosed annually, and about 40,000 women die from the disease each year. The overall breast cancer survival rate is very good and inches up each year with new medical advances. This is where diagnosis — and failure to diagnose — make all the difference.

When detected at stage 0 and stage 1, the five-year breast cancer survival rate is nearly 100 percent. At stage 2, the survival rate is still 75 to 90 percent. When diagnosis is delayed until stage 3, which typically requires mastectomy, the survival rate drops to 50 to 65 percent. Only 20 percent of women diagnosed at stage 4 live beyond five years.

Did the Doctors Miss the Signs? Did They Follow Through?

Delayed diagnosis of cancer cases are hard to win, but our skilled attorneys have the knowledge and resources to take up your cause on a contingency fee basis. We work with top medical experts to review the medical records and show how the primary care physician, gynecologist (OB-GYN), oncologist, radiologist or hospital was negligent:

Breast cancer in men is rare. Many doctors simply don’t consider the possibility. As a result, male breast cancer diagnosis is often delayed, even when the symptoms are there.

We Fight for Full Compensation for Cancer Patients and Their Families

Damages depend on many factors, including age, the length of delay in diagnosis, and the likely outcome based on treatment options and survival rates at different stages of breast cancer. We build a case for costs of additional medical intervention and pain management, lost earnings (if applicable), emotional pain and suffering, reduced life expectancy and the lost enjoyment of life.

We wish for the best for our clients living with breast cancer and strive to ensure they are covered for the best medical care possible. We also represent grieving family members in wrongful death lawsuits for a delayed diagnosis of cancer.

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