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All-terrain vehicles such as four-wheelers practically invite injury. Today’s models are faster and stronger, which makes them more exciting to ride — and more dangerous and difficult to control.

If you or your child was injured on an ATV through the negligence of others, Hal Waldman and Associates can explore your possible claims for compensation. Insurance avenues are limited, and you will need a skilled and experienced attorney to make the case for liability.

Our Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers have handled ATV accident cases in Allegheny County and surrounding counties of western Pennsylvania.

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Under certain circumstances, you may be able to bring claims against other parties for your ATV accident:

Four-wheelers have become notorious for injuries because they are difficult to steer and have much more horsepower than three-wheelers of yore. Common accidents include striking trees and other fixed objects, rollovers, run-overs, ejection, and drowning or asphyxiation when young riders are trapped beneath the machine. Head injuries are common, as are back and neck injuries, paralysis and broken bones.

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If your child is permanently injured or disfigured or requires surgical reconstruction, the costs of care can be enormous. The parents’ auto insurance does not cover ATV accidents, and the parents’ homeowners policy may or may not. We pursue claims against the insurance of negligent motorists, neighbors or relatives who caused a crash, created a hazard or allowed a child to operate without supervision. (No one likes to bring claims against a friend or family member, but there may be no other option to cover the losses.)

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