Too many Pennsylvania motorcyclists still go unseen

Motorcycle accidentsmotorcyclists on the road often pit motorcycle riders against occupants in a much better-protected vehicle, such as a car or truck. Tragically, these types of motorcycle accidents too often prove fatal for those riding on the motorcycles. One recent Pennsylvania accident proved fatal for a motorcyclist after his bike collided with a township trash truck.

According to authorities, the motorcycle was traveling north behind the trash truck that was in the process of making a right-hand turn. The motorcyclist apparently struck the truck on the right side as it was making its turn. At that point, the motorcycle and its driver were separately pinned beneath the heavy vehicle. Emergency personnel responded to the collision, but it was too late to save the motorcycle driver.

The Montgomery County coroner responded to the scene and pronounced the motorcyclist dead there. The two occupants of the trash truck were evidently uninjured in the accident. Police are still investigating the exact causes of the fatal collision.

It is currently unclear as to whether the trash truck had properly signaled the turn it was attempting, or whether some other factor may have contributed to the resulting motorcycle accident. Details will likely emerge as Pennsylvania officials continue investigating the incident.

Surviving family members retain the right to file wrongful death lawsuits in the wake of fatal motorcycle accidents where the evidence documents that the fatality was caused by the negligence of another party. In this instance, the victim’s family likely has more questions than answers and may wish to assess their rights under Pennsylvania law as they struggle to make sense out of a seemingly senseless tragedy.

Source: Montgomery News, “Upper Dublin truck involved in fatal accident,” ( ) Sept. 10, 2012