Involved in a Car Accident: How Much is My Case Worth?

how much does it cost for the car accident case

Some people believe that if they were injured in an accident, they will receive an instant settlement for a specific and immediately calculable number. They call an attorney and ask, “WHAT IS MY CASE WORTH?” If an attorney answers that question with a number, they are either completely inexperienced, untruthful or both. It’s impossible to place a realistic value on a case within five minutes. Here’s why.

Nature and Extent of the Injuries
The Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers at Hal Waldman & Associates won’t put a value on a case until such time as they have verification of all of the damages in it. Those damages ordinarily take time to ascertain. They include the following:

It’s simply impossible for an experienced personal injury lawyer to predict how well a person will respond to treatment. In most cases, it is also impossible for a personal injury attorney to guess how much insurance coverage there is on a case.

Other factors like comparative negligence and whether there was a preexisting injury also figure into the value equation. Don’t trust online settlement calculators either. Those are only devices that are put out there by lawyers who are trying to get new clients through the door. It is our goal at Hal Waldman & Associates to maximize our client’s settlement and verdicts while advising potential clients truthfully from the moment that they step into the office. Please contact us to speak directly with one of our Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers.