If You Were Injured in 2018 or 2019, Protect Your Rights Today

personal injury claim

If you were injured in 2018 or 2019, you cannot afford to wait any longer to seek compensation for your injuries. Accidents can cause lasting injuries that cost a lot to handle and treat, and you need to protect your rights today if you don’t want to lose your chance to collect compensation.


Pennsylvania gives you two years to file a claim, and you lose your right to do so. The law affords a few exceptions to that rule that extends the two-year statute of limitations. Contact Hal Waldman & Associates immediately to be sure to not lose your rights.


How Pittsburgh PA Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help


Our Pittsburgh PA personal injury lawyers here at Waldman & Associates begin by reviewing the details of your case. The best case scenario is you contact us immediately after your collision, however, our experienced attorneys can help you months or even a year or so after the collision to decipher what can be done to help protect your rights to recovery. If you are quickly approaching your two-year statute of limitations date, even as close to a few days before that date, call us so we can jump into action for you. We may be reached by calling 412-963-1794.


Getting Started


Time is not on your side if you want compensation for your injuries, so now is the time to act. Contact the Pittsburgh PA personal injury lawyers at Hal Waldman & Associates to safeguard your rights and boost your chance of success. When you enlist the help of our team, we stand by your side and guide you each step of the way.


We defend your rights and give you the best shot at collecting your compensation. We work with you and show you what steps optimize your odds of reaching the very best outcome for your case. If you would like to learn more about us and how we will handle your case, please call us without delay.