I was involved in a truck accident, how should I decide on a Pittsburgh personal injury attorney

Making sure that you pick a qualified and experienced accident attorney is important in all cases. It can be even more important when you’re injured by a tractor trailer, or a tractor driven on its own. In these types of cases, as you can imagine, we typically see fatalities or permanent injuries.

Given the size of the tractor trailer combinations that are involved, you need to make sure that you have an attorney who is familiar with the Federal Motor Carrier regulations. You need to have an attorney that is skilled in using the motor carrier website to determine who may be responsible for the collision and what sort of insurance limits may apply. And you need to have an attorney that has the ability to hire a reconstruction expert as soon as possible.

If your case justifies that sort of expense, such as a case where you’ve got a fade fatality or the possibility that somebody other than the driver in the truck owner is at fault. For example faulty brakes, you need to have an expert out there looking right away. So when you are hiring a attorney, for your truck accident, make sure that you ask that attorney, how many truck collisions he or she has handled. What the results of those cases were. Because you don’t want somebody to be learning on your case. And you can call me, I’ll be able to walk you through the process of making the right decisions and the right steps in handling your tractor trailer collision. Thank you