Driver in truck accident that injured Pennsylvania man charged

driver charged in a truck accident

As we go about our daily lives in Pennsylvania, we typically do so with the confidence that we’ll make it home at the end of the day. Driving to and from work, going to pick the kids up at school or stopping by the grocery store are all part of the lives of many residents of our state. Most of the time plans go off without a hitch. We can’t predict when a car accident or truck accident is going to happen. One pedestrian over in the Lehigh Valley was the victim of a crash that apparently was the result of an errant truck driver.

The truck accident unfolded back in September when a truck veered into oncoming traffic in Lehigh County. It collided with an oncoming Honda CR-V. As a consequence of that crash, the SUV was sent careening into the pedestrian. The truck then crashed into a light pole.

The nature and extent of the pedestrian’s injuries was not reported, though police found him lying in the roadway upon responding to the collision. The truck driver who authorities say caused the car accident was apparently driving on a suspended license at the time. He has now been formally charged for reckless driving, felony accident involving death or injury and operating a vehicle on a suspended license. The driver posted bail and is free pending a court appearance later this month.

Whenever anyone is injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a large commercial vehicle, there is a great need to make sure that a complete investigation is conducted. Al relevant details and facts need to be pulled together to make sure that those responsible are held accountable. That accountability can extend beyond the driver to the company that he or she works for. If the truck is hauling materials for a third company, that entity may bear some culpability as well.

Before agreeing to settle any possible claims related to a crash, consultation with an attorney is imperative.

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