Allegheny County Pedestrian Accidents: 2018 Study

Pedestrian crashes in Allegheny County

Pedestrian fatalities in Pennsylvania have steadily dropped in the past few years, but the danger of pedestrian collisions still remains a viable threat, especially in Allegheny County.

On February 23, 2018, a pedestrian was the victim of a hit-and-run at the intersection of Beaver Avenue and Franklin Street in the Chateau neighborhood of Pittsburgh. And on March 19, 2018, a woman was struck and killed in Carnegie by a driver who jumped the curb.

We wanted to figure out where exactly these collisions were occurring, so our firm teamed up with 1Point21 Interactive’s data analysis team to find the answer.

What are the Most Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrians in Allegheny County?

We analyzed crash records from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, looking specifically at all pedestrian-involved crashes in Allegheny County from 2013-2017. In total, there were:

We also conducted a geospatial analysis of the data, mapping each incident in Allegheny County. The result is shown below.

Interactive Map : Pedestrian Collisions in Allegheny County

The map is interactive – use the + and – to zoom in and click on any circle to get data for that particular intersection (you can also drag the ‘person’ icon to any location for a street view of the intersection). The circle sizes represent the number of crashes – larger circles indicate a greater quantity of collisions. 

The 50 Most Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrians in Allegheny County

Below, the table shows the top 50 intersections with the highest total pedestrian crashes in the county.

The 50 Most Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrians

wdt_ID Street1 Street2 Crashes Pedestrian Deaths Pedestrian Major Injuries Municipality
1 Forbes Ave McKee Pl 9 0 0 PITTSBURGH
2 Ross St 6th Ave 8 0 1 PITTSBURGH
3 Cedar Ave E Ohio St 8 0 0 PITTSBURGH
4 5th Ave S Aiken Ave 8 0 0 PITTSBURGH
5 Murray Ave Forbes Ave 7 0 0 PITTSBURGH
6 S Negley Ave Penn Ave 7 0 1 PITTSBURGH
7 Stanton Ave N Negley Ave 7 0 1 PITTSBURGH
8 Evans St State Rte 148 7 0 3 MCKEESPORT
9 Grant St 5th Ave 6 1 1 PITTSBURGH
10 Liberty Ave Market St 6 1 1 PITTSBURGH

Unsurprisingly, the data indicates that the vast majority of crashes occurred in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area – accounting for over 60 percent of all pedestrian collisions in Allegheny County.

Pedestrian Crashes by Municipality: 2013 – 2017

Major Injury and Fatalities in Pedestrian Crashes

The Highest Pedestrian Crashes: Forbes Avenue & McKee Place

This intersection, located in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, had the highest number of pedestrian collisions on our list. This location was the site of nine collisions involving a pedestrian. Fortunately, there were no fatalities or serious injuries at this intersection, but the high number of collisions nonetheless warrants further investigation.

High-Crash Neighborhood: Oakland – The “Tech, Ed, and Med” District

The Oakland neighborhood in general seems to have an abnormally high amount of pedestrian collisions in Allegheny County. There are two parallel streets in this neighborhood that seem especially troublesome: 5th Avenue and Forbes Avenue. On our list of top 50 intersections, the two streets are involved in 13 total intersections, accounting for 65 total crashes, 1 fatality, and 3 serious injuries.

Considered one of the city’s major cultural and business centers, Oakland is home to notable universities, museums, and hospitals, including the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. The constant daily foot traffic of both tourists and residents may be the reason why there are so many pedestrian incidents in this neighborhood.

High-Crash Neighborhood: South Side Flats & State Route 837

According to our analysis, we found that South Side Flats was a concentrated hot spot for pedestrian collisions. The majority of the incidents are centered around State Route 387, also known as Carson Street. 6 of the 50 intersections on our list were located on this road, resulting in 26 crashes, 1 fatality, and 4 major injuries.

South Side Flats is arguably the epicenter for night life among young adults, with a number of sports pubs and cocktail bars littering Carson Street. Notable intersections in South Side Flats on this road include those at S 12th Street and S 18th Street. Home to some of the most popular establishments in the neighborhood, these two intersections alone accounted for 10 pedestrian crashes.

There are two intersections on State Route 837 that are notable for their close proximity to a bridge. The intersection at S 22nd Street is within a block of the Birmingham Bridge, and is the site of 5 pedestrian collisions. The intersection at the Smithfield Street Bridge seems to be considerably more dangerous, with 5 crashes, 2 major injuries, and 1 pedestrian fatality.

High-Crash Neighborhood: Downtown

Nearly every intersection in Pittsburgh’s busy downtown neighborhood seems like it has a pedestrian collision on record. However, there are some notable intersections which stand out:

Pedestrian Safety Tips and Recommendations

Both pedestrians and drivers can do their part to ensure safety in one of Allegheny County’s many roads and sidewalks.

As a pedestrian, follow these tips:

As a driver, follow these recommendations: