5 Tips for Driving Safe in Winter Weather

winter weather can cause an accident even if you are an expert driverYour spotless driving record and defensive driver skills may not help you when winter weather and less competent drivers collide. High mountains, winter weather and winding roads could bring a collision your way and you need experienced Pittsburgh car accident lawyers to recover the settlement or award you deserve as a victim.

Much like most of you, when our loved ones leave our home we say, “drive safely!” We always advise to be especially vigilant on winter roads. However, if other drivers aren’t, attorneys at Hal Waldman & Associates can help you through the aftermath.

  1. Protect visibility.

In winter months, be sure to top off windshield wiper fluid and identify stripped wipers. Full antifreeze insures your car warms well, and will defrost windows quickly. Maintaining clear headlights vastly increases your night visibility and check taillights often to make sure they are operational so other drivers can see you.

  1. Maintain tires.

Old, bald tires increase chances of skidding, slipping and losing control. Rotate tires to balance for efficient traction and tread on slick roads. Ask your vehicle maintenance person to show you signs of tire wear and when tires need replaced.

  1. Mind speed limits.

Speeding is a main cause of car accidents which change people’s lives forever. Drive under speed limits and move to let aggressive vehicles pass when inclement weather hits. If a speeder crashes into your car, call police and seek immediate medical treatment.

  1. Buckle up.

Car accident injuries range from minor to life-threatening. When you forget to wear a seat belt, you upgrade potential car accident outcomes from bruises and lacerations to something much more serious.

  1. Respect weather reports.

Sometimes, driving isn’t worth it. Blinding snow, fallen trees and downed structures like telephone poles add to other drivers you must guard against. Download weather apps or check weather reports to stay abreast of impending storms and plan to stay off roads.

When safe driving is not enough, the Pittsburgh car accident lawyers of Hal Waldman & Associates would love to consult with you on your options. Trust the experienced car accident lawyers of Hal Waldman & Associates to protect your injury claims, pain and suffering from minimization by the insurance companies.