5 Surprising Pennsylvania Car Accident Statistics!

statistics on Pennsylvania car accidents infographic

While Pennsylvania certainly isn’t the worst state in the nation in regard to car accidents, the numbers for higher populated counties like Allegheny aren’t exactly promising. This infographic breaks down how Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas are doing compared to the rest of the state as well as general need-to-know statistics on Pennsylvania car accidents per the 2019 PennDot report.

A Local Problem

Currently, Allegheny County leads the state in miles of locally maintained roads at 5.86% of Pennsylvania’s total. Allegheny also leads the state in reported traffic crashes, 9.8% of Pennsylvania’s total reported crashes.

This means that, unlike Philadelphia county which bears similar crash statistics but far less locally maintained roads, Allegheny County must rely on local solutions to change these numbers.

Five Years of Little Change in Pittsburgh

Looking at the last five years of crashes around the Pittsburgh metro, you will see that our area has varied no more than .4% and is not exactly trending downward.

Total crashes:

What’s more, from 2015 to 2019, Allegheny County jumped from accounting for 4.5% of Pennsylvania’s traffic-related fatalities to 5.9% of Pennsylvania’s traffic-related fatalities, reaching as high as 72 deaths in 2016.

Contributing Factors to Pennsylvania Car Accidents and Fatalities

When car accidents were the result of driver error, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation found the following were contributing factors in 2019:

Age Makes a Difference

-Adult males between ages 21 and 30 account for 14.3% of Pennsylvania car crash involvement, more than any other group

-There were 63 fatalities and 758 injuries in adults aged 60 years or older while ages 15 to 59 saw far fewer deaths compared to injuries at 86 deaths to 2,617 injuries. This means elderly drivers were far more likely to die in car wrecks than those in younger groups.

Overall, Positive Changes from 2018 to 2019

From 2018 to 2019, there were significant changes in Pennsylvania car accident-related statistics. 

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