3 Need-to-Know Pennsylvania Truck Accident Statistics

Pennsylvania Truck Accident Statistics infographic

At Hal Waldman & Associates, we provide personal injury representation throughout Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania. We’ve gathered the following truck accident statistics thanks to research done on behalf of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

Routine Safety Checks Always Matter!

According to Penndot.gov, an overwhelming amount of truck crashes in 2019 were due to failures in brakes, wheels, tires, and poorly secured loads.

Be sure you or your employer are implementing regular safety checks and loading equipment per OSHA and company safety standards.

Truck Accidents per Road

Crashes per road

Fatalities per road

Truck Accident Trends

2018 saw a peak in truck crashes at 7,336. And while 2019 saw a drop of in crashes at 7,036, the year still had the second-highest number of crashes in a five-year span.  

Informed Attorneys Ready to Go to Work for Our Clients

If you or a loved one have been in an accident involving an 18-wheeler, big rig, or another type of commercial truck, we have the resources and knowledge necessary to assist you in seeking compensation for your injuries. In fact, we’ve garnered successful cases that awarded our clients with over $1 million in damages for auto accident losses. 

One of our successful cases involved a client whose initial claim was denied by an insurance company after a large sanitation truck hit their vehicle. After Hal Waldman & Associates stepped in and proved our client wasn’t at fault for the accident, they received a settlement of $1,200,000. 

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