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Preventing Elder Abuse in Pennsylvania

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When your loved one is in a nursing home, you rely on the facility to care for them because they can’t care for themselves anymore. Unfortunately, residents are often abused and neglected. Nursing home residents are older and vulnerable, and mistreating them is truly terrible.

Fortunately, elder abuse can be prevented. Although the nursing home staff is your loved one’s caretaker, that doesn’t mean you stop caring for them. With help from Hal Waldman & Associates, you can take the necessary steps to prevent elder abuse.

Attorney Hal Waldman is widely considered the authority on nursing home abuse cases in Pennsylvania, having served as an expert witness in many cases. If you suspect your loved one is the victim of abuse or neglect in a Western Pennsylvania nursing facility, contact us today to review your potential legal options.

Research the facility

Taking the time to research and pick the right nursing home is critical. That includes reading reviews, previous reports of abuse or neglect, and other documents. It also means visiting the facility to get a sense of the structure, the staff, and the physical environment. Choosing the right nursing home can help to prevent abuse and neglect.

Monitor the facility

When you visit, you can see how things are going, how staff treat residents, and if anything seems wrong. Ideally, visit on multiple days of the week and at multiple times of day so that you can interact with different staff members and observe different routines.

Know the warning signs

Being informed about warning signs and how to spot them is a crucial step in preventing elder abuse. This knowledge makes it easier to catch potential problems before they become severe. When you go for visits or check-ins, you’ll know what warning signs to look for, whether you have suspicions of abuse or not.

Stay in contact

Regularly staying in touch with your loved one in a nursing home is like having a watchful eye against elder abuse. Consistent contact allows you to spot issues quickly and maintain open communication. This signals the nursing home staff that you're actively engaged and more likely to spot signs of abuse. Your presence also assures your loved one that they are not alone, protecting them from isolation.

Report suspicions or concerns

Take quick action and report suspicions or concerns. Reporting unusual behavior, injuries, neglect, or emotional distress can prevent further harm. Speaking up sends a strong message against abuse and helps hold nursing homes accountable.

Contact a nursing home abuse lawyer in Western Pennsylvania

Connecting with a nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer is a step in the right direction against elder abuse. An experienced nursing home abuse attorney can help you address mistreatment and protect your loved one's rights.

At Hal Waldman & Associates, we know how to hold responsible nursing homes accountable for their abuse and neglect, and we are committed to protecting the most vulnerable people in our community. If you believe your loved one was abused or neglected in a Western Pennsylvania nursing home, contact us today for a free consultation.

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