Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Doctor mistreating senior woman in nursing home

Nursing home employees sign up for a tough and demanding job. They are held to the high standard of tending to individuals who need 24-hour care. When they fail to act properly, the employees put our community’s older individual in danger. Here at Waldman and Associates we find it particularly offensive when a nursing home patient has been injured while in the care of the people who were to be helping them.


Knowing the signs and symptoms of nursing home abuse and neglect is essential if you have a loved one in a nursing home. Hal Waldman & Associates Pittsburgh PA Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers can be contacted if abuse is suspected. There are regulations that all facilities must abide by. There are dietary administrations, nursing and doctor administrations, care plans, and social and dental administrations. Residents of nursing home facilities in PA have rights.


Nursing home occupants and their family members have the right to examine their care plan and records. The doctors and nurses are responsible for the medical assessment and routine of care of the patient. Social services are accessible as well. State law dictates that nursing home menus must meet dietary and nutritional needs of their occupants. There are plenty of regulatory checks and balances that nursing homes must abide by.


Hal Waldman & Associates the Pittsburgh PA Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers have the experience of handling all types of nursing home neglect and abuses cases.  We know when tough representation is needed to advocate for our older loved ones who may not have a voice to speak up for themselves when they have been neglected.