Understanding Elder Abuse and its Various Forms [Infographic]

Understanding What is Elder Abuse infographic

We typically know abuse as it pertains to everyday life; how it manifests as a form of physical or verbal assault. At least, that’s what we’re used to witnessing in the news and hearing about by word of mouth.

However, especially as it relates to older communities, abuse can take on a wide range of types. Hal Waldman & Associates has developed this infographic to help you better identify the ways your elder loved one may become a victim of abuse.  

Defining Elder Abuse

When we talk about elder abuse, we’re referring to acts in which a person—typically a caregiver—causes serious risk or harm to vulnerable adults. These acts may be intentional or a result of negligence.

Potential perpetrators of elder abuse can include:

Current Elder Abuse Statistics

Every year, elder abuse represents a serious problem for Americans. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) estimates that one out of every ten adults over 60 have experienced some form of abuse.

In financial exploitation alone, HHS also states that older Americans lose nearly three billion dollars per year in financial exploitation. And the hospitalization or institutionalization of abused elders winds up costing Americans $5.3 billion annually.

The Faces and Forms of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can take on many forms. These forms typically include:

Physical Abuse

Causing direct or indirect physical harm

Psychological or Verbal Abuse

Criticism, insults, intimidation, and other non-physical acts that cause psychological and emotional harm to the victim

Sexual Abuse

Unwanted sexual activity of a perpetrator toward a victim, typically performed by force or intimidation


A failure to properly care for another person or a failure to perform actions necessary to enable that person’s good health

Financial Exploitation

The misuse of a person’s funds for personal gain, typically acted out via deception

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