Top 10 Unsafe Summer Toys

toys and activities that are not safe for childrenIn Pittsburgh and throughout the state, summer is still in full swing. Kids are enjoying their last days of vacation and outdoor summer toys are a big part of the fun. Unfortunately, some toys aren’t safe for children. The consumer watch group, W.A.T.C.H. – World Against Toys Causing Harm – offers a list of the 10 most dangerous toys of 2018 parents need to know about before they bring them home.

The Least Safe Toys for 2018

1. All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

ATVs, also known as four-wheelers, are inherently dangerous for children. Allowing children who are too young to ride a motor vehicle at high speeds opens up any family to tragedy. An average of 650 deaths and more than 100,000 injuries occur each year as a result of ATV accidents. ATVs are a family favorite every year, but the summer always sees an increase in injuries because of the weather and school breaks.

2. Water Balloon Slingshots

Water sports and activities are popular during the summer as a relief from the heat. A water balloon slingshot seems to be an excellent choice for fun backyard play, but the available balloon slingshots on the market are much more powerful than other toys. A slingshot can fire a balloon 150 feet with an unsafe degree of force.

3. Water Slides

Improper use of a water slide can cause major spinal and head injuries, particularly for older children, teens, or adults. The size of backyard water slides means that they are appropriate only for smaller children, but this does not stop older and bigger people from using them.

4. Choking Hazard Toys

Toys made of small parts present obvious choking hazards for small children, who can easily suffocate on tiny pieces. Removable parts are a serious danger for toys such as dolls, which often have customizable clothes and removable body parts.

5. Low-Riding Toys

Low-riding wheeled toys, such as scooters, are common dangers every summer. Any wheeled toy can be dangerous if kids do not wear proper safety equipment, and if they ride an unmaintained or defective toy.

6. Trampolines and Bounce Houses

Trampolines continue to be a danger for kids and teens to use, especially if they are open and not protected with safety nets. Falling from a trampoline can break bones or cause head injury if misused.

7. Powerful Squirt Guns

A squirt gun is not normally a danger to children. Unfortunately, some models are relatively high powered, and this can cause eye injuries if fired at close range.

8. Projectile Toys

Projectile blasters are similar to high-pressure water guns and may also be dangerous. The issue is particularly with blunt-edged or sharper projectiles. While some projectile toys are low-velocity and fire foam missiles, others can cause severe eye injuries for kids.

9. Baby Pools and Shallow Water

Kiddie pools can be extremely dangerous if you have toddlers in your home. While an older child or teenager is unlikely to be in danger from shallow water, children’s pools are dangerous to very group that uses them.

10. In-Ground and Above-Ground Pools

Home pools are dangerous for young children, toddlers and infants. The issue is unprotected pools without any fencing around them. Unsupervised toddlers can easily fall into a pool and drown, which is a far more common danger than most parents would like to believe.

When to Seek Help

If your child has already suffered harm from one of these hazardous toys, make sure to report it to proper authorities. Your report may be what the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission needs to prevent the item from further release. For more details on next steps after a product injury, discuss your case with one of our attorneys.