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The truck driver has a duty to inspect the load before every trip. The trucking company is bound by specific federal regulations on securing freight. The shipper also has a duty in properly loading and tying down cargo.

An overturned or jackknifed tractor-trailer is often a telltale sign that one or more of those parties was negligent. If that out-of-control truck caused injury or death in your family, Hal Waldman and Associates has the experience and resolve to hold freight carriers accountable. Our Pittsburgh personal injury lawyers handle truck accident cases in western Pennsylvania and statewide.

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Truck Accidents Caused by Shifting Loads or Falling Cargo

The federal Department of Transportation (DOT) has specific rules for loading, stacking, balancing and tying down freight. Carelessness, haste or penny-pinching practices result in unbalanced and unsecured loads that are a recipe for disaster:

Other motorists pay the price for this negligence. Hal Waldman and Associates takes up the cause of those victims and pursues comprehensive compensation for the resulting serious injuries or fatalities. We have the trucking industry knowledge and the resources to hire professional truck crash investigators to prove how the freight hauler is liable.

We have held truck owners and operators, shippers and other third parties in the freight distribution chain accountable for accidents involving 18-wheelers, flatbed trucks, box trucks and other commercial vehicles that were improperly loaded.

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