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Injury and Death Caused by Infection—Medical Malpractice

Failure to diagnose an infection can result in serious injury or wrongful death. Often these cases arise when a patient has symptoms that are misdiagnosed diagnosed late. If an infection is identified too late, a patient may suffer permanent injuries or die. At Hal Waldman and Associates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our lawyers are experienced in handling complex medical malpractice claims and can successfully defend your interests and protect your rights.

Emergency Room Error and Medical Negligence

For most patients, medical diagnosis and terminology can be complex. When symptoms are expressed, you expect that your doctor or provider will perform a full evaluation to determine every possible cause. Unfortunately, rushed emergency room visits and negligent attention can result in failed diagnosis and injury. Our firm represents victims who have suffered infections, including meningitis and sepsis, resulting in serious injury or wrongful death. We will aggressively defend your interests and protect your rights.

Our Pittsburgh meningitis infection misdiagnosis attorneys handle cases involving:

Infections and Vulnerable Patient Injuries

Many victims of meningitis and other infections, including the elderly and children, are already vulnerable. When complications arise, these patients have a more difficult time fighting off infections and making a full recovery. We are experienced with cases of infection that result in serious injury, including brain damage, permanent organ damage and wrongful death. Our legal team will take every necessary step to identify the cause of the injury and pursue every negligent party.

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