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When you go out for a meal or buy food at a supermarket, you have an expectation that it is safe to eat. Yet millions of people are sickened or injured each year by contaminated food or foreign objects in food.

If you suffered serious food poisoning or choked or broke a tooth on something unexpected, you may have a lawsuit against the restaurant, grocery or manufacturer for your suffering and economic losses.
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Compensation for Food Poisoning or Foreign Objects in Your Food

We have sued fast-food restaurants, cafes and sit-down restaurants, as well as grocery stores, convenience stores and manufacturers of packaged food for illness or injury from:

Food poisoning symptoms may not be experienced until hours later or the next day, and they often mimic the symptoms of flu and other illnesses. With a verified diagnosis (E. coli, salmonella, botulism, etc.), our experienced personal injury attorneys can help make the connection to the dining facility, seller or manufacturer.

We investigate similar complaints, past health code violations and food preparation or food packaging practices. Were other diners sickened? Has there been a product recall? Were expired foods left on the shelves or used in preparing meals? Did kitchen employees observe safe food handling practices?

We pursue all appropriate damages for the harm to you or a loved one:

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