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Pennsylvania Delayed Cancer Diagnosis Lawyer

Deaths from colon cancer and rectal cancer have steadily dropped in the past two decades through proactive removal of polyps, regular screenings and checkups, and improved medical treatment. If a loved one’s cancer escaped detection, was it because of a stealthy, fast-growing tumor or because of the negligence of medical professionals?

The Pittsburgh medical malpractice attorneys of Hal Waldman and Associates have extensive experience in delayed cancer diagnosis cases, including wrongful death actions. We work to prove that our clients were robbed of a chance to beat the cancer or live longer because a doctor didn’t recognize the signs or follow through on patient complaints and medical indicators.

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How Does a Major Killer Escape Diagnosis?

More than 100,000 cases of colon cancer and nearly 40,000 cases of rectal cancer are diagnosed each year. Colorectal cancers were projected to cause 51,000 deaths of U.S. men and women in 2010, second only to lung cancer.

The five-year survival rate is more than 90 percent for those diagnosed in stage 1, but the overall survival rate is just 62 percent. Most of those who die are not diagnosed until stage 3 or later, when treatment is less effective or futile.

Failure to diagnose colon cancer is one of the most common lawsuits for delayed cancer diagnosis, and not just because of the sheer number of cases. With all the preventive measures and early detection tools available, there is less excuse for a colorectal cancer to “fly under the radar” to late-stage diagnosis.

Our knowledgeable lawyers work closely with clients and medical experts to determine whether and how the primary care physician, radiologist, oncologist or hospital lab was negligent:

We Are Prepared to Fight for Compensation

Physicians and their malpractice insurers are reluctant to settle medical malpractice cases. This is especially true of many colon cancer patients because of their advanced age; the defense will argue that deterioration of health or patient death are just as likely the result of medical conditions other than cancer.

We have the resources and experience to win compensation for ongoing medical treatment, palliative care (pain management), emotional pain and suffering, reduced life expectancy and reduced quality of life. Our goal is to make sure terminal cancer clients have access to the best care possible for their remaining days, and that those with treatment options can get care without enduring financial hardships or depleting their estates.

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