Pittsburgh Area Auto Accident Claim Lawyer

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of catastrophic injury in Pittsburgh.  Tragically, many victims of these accidents are unsure about what to do, and subsequently suffer long after the initial injury is sustained due to inadequate settlements provided by insurance companies. To help ensure you are not cheated out of fair compensation, you need an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney on your side immediately following your injury.

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Cases Our Auto Accident Attorneys Handle

Our accident lawyers handle all types of motor vehicle accident cases including:

According to the NHTSA’s State Traffic Data, Pennsylvania traffic fatalities decreased by 1% from the previous years data, however, the the total numbers of fatal accidents were still among the highest in the nation. If you or someone you love has sustained serious or fatal injury in one of these accidents, our attorneys can get to work on your case right away to help ensure you are treated fairly and provided compensation for all of your damages.

How Our Auto Accident Lawyers Can Help

The lawyers at Hal Waldman and Associates thoroughly investigate motor vehicle accidents to identify all possible causes. With over five decades of combined experience, our attorneys can effectively spot even the most subtle of factors contributing to accidents, and know how to use that information to build rock solid cases for our clients.

Our firm has the tenacity and resources of larger outfits, but the personal touch that can only be offered by attorneys deeply rooted in the Pittsburgh community. We understand the unique driving conditions and obstacles faced by those in Southwestern Pennsylvania and use that knowledge along with complete dedication to each individual case, to help secure complete compensation for victims of motor vehicle accidents.

To schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced Pittsburgh auto accident attorneys, please call (412) 338-1000 today. Even if you believe you are partially to blame for an accident, you may be entitled to compensation. The best way to understand your rights is by discussing your case with our competent and knowledgeable attorneys.